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My name is Natalia Kim and all this started out back in 1993, when I started investigating the Internet as a tool to accomplish better exposure for the clients I handled as a publicist. Obviously I found out that marketing online is closely linked to all kind of search engine optimization.
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So I started to read all the marketing newsletters available back then; took my first SEO course, followed up that one with an advanced optimizing course, became a SEO instructor... and so forth.

So now things have become far more complex so I've decided to put all the best SEO tools and marketing information that I know of in one single place: ¡HERE! Actually, not only do I "know" about these interesting marketing links and products... I've used them for myself.

Like, for example, the list of search engines -international and hispanic- is really the list I use (and keep updated) for my own daily work... and now for your's. And the best marketing newsletters are all FREE but do not believe that not paying means there is no valuable information... The content is written by some of the very best internet marketers and will explain many unrevelead details as they happen. 

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